President Trump Spent 122 Days Visiting His Properties

Trump, who promised to separate himself from all aspects of his global business empire before taking office, has routinely promoted his properties and products while carrying out official presidential duties.

Trump's Inauguration Money Is Still Missing: Report

"I strongly suspect that the funds have just been wasted away. I mean, there was no reason in the world the Trump Inaugural Committee needed to raise $107 million," a government affairs lobbyist for Public Citizen says.

The Feminist Art of Protesting Trump

As Trump takes office, feminist art shows like "Uprise/Angry Women" in New York City and "Nasty Women" are leading the cultural resistance.

Canadians Turned Away on Trump Day

"It seems to me that they just weren't interested in having us in the country for the inauguration," said Sasha Dyck, a 34-year-old nurse from Montreal.