New Technological Frontiers in the Oil & Gas Industry

While the oil and gas industry is making significant bets on a wide range of energy technologies, it is also focusing on digital technologies that promise to transform enterprises as fundamentally as in other sectors. Download the full report to learn more.

What if Elon Musk Succeeds?

Reports of Tesla's demise have been greatly exaggerated, and that's what should worry us. Musk's bombshell about taking Tesla private was only his latest surprise.

Most Voters Support the Backlash Against Gun Industry

A new poll shows American voters think the majority of Congress is afraid of the NRA and support companies like Dick's Sporting Goods, which announced it will stop selling assault-style rifles or raise the age restriction to 21.

What America Is Doing About Guns in 2017

This year Republican legislators are trying to expand the Stand Your Ground law in Florida and issue NRA vanity license plates in Washington State.