The latest on inflation in the United States. Inflation rates are measured by the assessment of the general price index of goods and wages. A low and steady inflation rate is considered desirable by economists for a healthy and stable economy. 

Dear Sen. Sinema: We Love You—Your Pals, the Hedge Fund Bros

The good news for Democrats, and the Earth, is that the party's two chief obstructionists in the Senate, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, have signed off on a huge climate, energy and tax package. The bad news is that, as always, Sinema put the interests of her lobbyist paymasters over those of the country by forcing Democrats to abandon a tax increase on hedge fund managers and private equity wizards.

Wake Up! We're at War

Protecting basic human needs like food and shelter is what people fight for, go to war for. And it's these basics that are under direct assault by Russia, in Ukraine and around the world. The knock-on effects of the war are leaving an untold number of people hungry and—as the seasons change—out in the cold.