Best Real Estate Investment Advice for Beginners in 2020

Real estate investment opportunities sound exciting when you think of the returns you stand to gain. If you've never invested in a project of such magnitude, it is okay to feel intimidated especially if you are risk-averse.

Why Is Gold Going Up?

As the dollar drops in value, the price of gold tends to increase, so in these uncertain times, investors see gold as a safer asset.

This Startup Lets You Buy Homes Less Than $100K

Most people think real estate investing is too expensive and complex, so they assume it's not for them. The good news is this doesn't have to be the case - there are now options available to make the buying process easier and obtain properties below the $100K price tag.

FIRE: Millennials Are Retiring Early by Investing in Turnkey Real Estate

Investing in rent-yielding properties, while helps you diversify your portfolio and paves the way to early retirement, comes at a significant cost. But now, there is one prop-tech company giving you a low-cost entry into the real estate market.
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Dogecoin, Tesla Bubble, AMZN Stock Madness: Should You Even Be Investing?

The price of Dogecoin spiked up to 71%, Tesla stock termed as the gigantic bubble on the verge of exploding, and Amazon stock hit the fresh record of $3000. It might be tempting to invest in stocks during the recession and get rich quick, but is it smart?

Discover a Recession-Resistant Investment Opportunity

Investors are scurrying around the stock market, looking for low-risk high-yield portfolios amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Repercussions from shrinking economies due to the crisis are causing unapparelled volatility in the stock market and financial sector.

Going mainstream: The Future of ESG Investing

Going mainstream: The Future of ESG Investing was researched and written by sustainable investment experts Harry Hummels and Rob Bauer from the University of Maastricht's Department of Finance. It is based on an online survey of 281 asset owners and managers across the world, conducted in March and April 2018, as well as a dozen in-depth interviews with leading investors and practitioners in the field of sustainable and responsible investing. Download the full study now.

Hedge Funds for the Rest of Us

New SEC regulations and DAO are rewriting the rules on capital markets, ensuring that private company financing isn't just reserved for the rich.