7 U.S. Cities Compose Half of Country's Gentrification

Gentrification overwhelmed seven of America's largest and wealthiest cities, with coastal urban areas such as New York City and Washington, D.C. contributing to a majority of the nationwide economic displacement.

You Will Be Replaced. Here's How

Economists were skeptical that robots could permanently displace humans on a large scale. But look at what's happening to retail jobs: The economists were wrong.

Will the Migrant Caravan Stay in Mexico?

While hundreds of Central Americans have reached the Tijuana-San Diego border, Mexico is willing to offer thousands of new jobs to those willing to stay in Mexico legally.

Ocasio-Cortez Challenges Amazon Over New York HQ

Newly elected congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York City said residents had expressed "outrage" about reports that Amazon would open a headquarters in Queens.

Will Donald Trump's Booming Economy Go Bust?

The stock market is booming, unemployment is at its lowest since 1969, and consumer confidence is high. "The economy is soooo good," President Trump claimed. So why are his approval ratings in the toilet? Here's what lies beneath the numbers.

China May Soon Lift Child Limit Policy

The decision to amend the policy to just two children, however, may not have gone far enough to replace an aging population and fix gender disparities.