Joe Biden

Biden's New NSA Pick Jake Sullivan Warns China Over COVID Response

"The United States and the rest of the world will not accept a circumstance in which we do not have an effective public health surveillance system, with an international dimension, in China and across the world going forward," said Jake Sullivan, Biden's NSA nominee.

Crucial Months Ahead for Afghanistan

The road to Afghan peace is ensuring that moderate political leaders in Afghanistan, the ones that have social capital with their constituencies in various parts of Afghanistan, are empowered in the peace process.

Nixon's Call to a Heartsick Biden: A Lesson in Bipartisanship

In 24 hours of historic events in 1972, Nixon took time to console Joe Biden over the deaths of his wife and daughter. The exchange resonates today as a lesson in graciousness, character, and bipartisanship, political historians say.

Good Times Are Coming

Vaccines are on the way. Economy is on the up. And who knows, maybe Americans will finally catch up with wearing masks.