John Kerry

Could 'Wine Cave' Haunt Pete Buttigieg's Campaign?

The 'wine cave' episode from the recent Democratic presidential debate conjures up memories of previous campaigns that reveal a candidate seemingly being out of touch with the average American.

How to Make America Great—Finally

Artists, activists, policymakers—and a president—weigh in on how to live a  fearless life in the Trump era

Kerry Wants To See Trump's "Girth Certificate"

At an exclusive Washington D.C. dinner, former Secretary of State John Kerry said he wanted to see Trump's "long-form girth certificate" following the president's physical and the social media-coined "girther movement"

John Kerry Blasts Trump: 'Not Normal and Not American'

In a speech at Harvard Kenny School of Government, Kerry joked that Russian language skills are now more useful for gaining political power than running for office or getting a good degree.

Renegotiating Nuclear Deal 'Meaningless' Says Iran

Under Iran's settlement with the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Russia and China, Tehran agreed to shrink its nuclear program to satisfy the powers that it could not be put to developing atomic bombs.