Can 'Metajournalism' Save Old Media—and Unmask Trump?

Curated journalism has been derided as inferior to original reporting—but in an era when news are coming so thick and fast, a discerning journalist weaving reportage into a coherent narrative can play a vital role.

Couple Assures World They're Alive After Newspaper Uses Their Photo

"We are still getting messages from friends, family and followers confirming the news. Many are still believing that we are dead. This is really disturbing. We are now learning that many news agencies are now using our images and trying to contact them all."

Journalists Strike Over Unpaid Salaries at Lebanese Newspaper

"They have taken a decision that they will allow employees at an institution that they fund to go hungry," Timour Azhari, a journalist who resigned from his position this week, told Newsweek. "They definitely have the money to pay."