Kim Jong Un

The latest news on Kim Jong-un, the current supreme leader of North Korea, officially named the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Kim is the son of the former Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il and grandson of the first Supreme Leader Kim Il-sung. It is estimated he was born in North Korea sometime between 1982 and 1984. Kim's 2018 meeting with President Donald Trump became the first North Korean supreme leader to meet with an American president.

North Korea's Party Congress is Moment of Truth for Kim and Country

"North Korea has two options to deal with an economic crisis: defense, or attack," Ruediger Frank, head of the University of Vienna's Department of East Asian Studies, told Newsweek, adding "it seems Kim Jong Un has decided in favor of the defensive option."

North Korea Attacks Western 'Cultural Poisoning'

A piece in the Workers' Party Newspaper warned of the "ideological and cultural poisoning" caused by Western influences such as films, music, and language, admitting the country's susceptibility to what they call "invisible enemies."