King salman

Trump Has Despots' Backs 'As Long As They Praise Him'

"We do know of course he has openly bragged about how many millions he makes from Saudi Arabia," the California Democrat pointed out. "Is his personal financial interest driving U.S. policy in the gulf?" he asked.

Saudi Arabia Wants Death Penalty for Khashoggi Killers

Although allegations linking Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the killing are unconfirmed and denied by Saudi officials, many analysts suggest that evidence increasingly points to his involvement.

Jamal Khashoggi's Sons Have 'Faith' in Saudi Monarchy

"All what we want right now is to bury him in Al-Baqi in Medina with the rest of his family,"  the grieving son added. "I talked about that with the Saudi authorities and I just hope that it happens soon."

Donald Trump Says Jamal Khashoggi Likely Dead

Trump made his comments Thursday in an interview with The New York Times, admitting that he believes intelligence reports pointing to a top Saudi official are accurate.