Kingdom Hearts 3

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Story DLC Announced

Nomura took the stage during the opening night of the Kingdom Hearts World of Tres Orchestra tour to announce four paid pieces of Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC as well as one free DLC.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Flantastic Seven Guide

"Kingdom Hearts 3" players may be looking for Orichalcum+, and the Flantastic Seven is one possible outlet. Here are their locations and necessary scores.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Secret Ending Revealed and Explained

The secret ending to "Kingdom Hearts 3" has finally been revealed, teasing a brand new adventure for the keyblade gang and potentially a crossover with "The World Ends With You." Spoilers ahead, so be warned.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Photo Mission Guide

"Kingdom Hearts 3" has several different Photo Missions, and we want you to beat them all. Here's where you can find Flame Cores Chief Puff and more.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Lucky Emblem Locations

"Kingdom Hearts 3" players may be searching the game's various worlds to find Lucky Emblems. To make things simpler, we've got locations for all 90 of them.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Gummi Ship Guide

Picking a Gummi Ship that's right for you in "Kingdom Hearts 3" is crucial to finding success in the Ocean Between. Fight flying Heartless, customize your ship and unlock Treasure Spheres while you're out in space.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Wisdom, Vitality or Balance

There are six choices to pick when you start "Kingdom Hearts 3" that affect how you play the game, but which is best? Here's everything to know about the beginning choices in KH3

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Keyblade List

"Kingdom Hearts 3" has a bevy of Keyblade options available. Here are the best and worst ones depending on your play style.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trophy Guide

"Kingdom Hearts 3" fans are hungry for that Platinum Trophy, and we want to make sure you get it. Follow this guide to reach maximum progress.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Combat Guide

"Kingdom Hearts 3" combines all the combat elements of past entries, like Air Stepping, Flowmotion and Keyblade combat, in the franchise to create an entirely new experience.