Teacher Suspended for Letting Student Wear KKK Costume

"I made a mistake on Friday during our skit assignment. I let a student wear an inappropriate costume that was unacceptable and hurt many people's feelings," the teacher said in an apology letter.

Former Kentucky Players Demand Expo Remove Nazi Items

At least two former University of Kentucky basketball stars issued an ultimatum demanding their Hall of Fame plaques be removed from Louisville's Freedom Hall after KKK and Nazi memorabilia was sold at a gun show.

KKK Holds Small Labor Day 'Kookout' in Indiana Park

A small Ku Klux Klan "kookout" in Madison, Indiana was overshadowed by the hundreds of protesters who showed up to ridicule the members of the Honorable Sacred Knights of the KKK.

Trump a 'Modern Leader' of KKK, African Politician Says

"I don't think [Trump] knows a country called South Africa. He thinks SA is a continent.... He wants to polarize SA and reverse the gains we have made to build racial harmony, because all what he does is use fear factor," Zizi Kodwa said.

GOP Senate Candidate Adviser Said NAACP Worse Than KKK

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart's media and advertising head railed against the NAACP as the "more violent" version of the KKK and demanded black leaders tell NFL players they must stand during the National Anthem.