'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' Blames the Highway of Death On Russia

Highway 80 connects Kuwait City with Basra, Iraq and has been used in multiple military engagements. At the end of the Gulf War, it was nicknamed the Highway of Death after U.S. coalition forces spent hours bombing and shooting a convoy of vehicles retreating from Kuwait.

Can Iraq Bring Iran and Saudi Arabia Together?

Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey were set to meet in what would be a rare display of unity at a time when conflicts, competing interests and foreign influence had left it deeply divided.

U.S. and Iran Pledge Support to Rebuild Iraq

While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stressed the importance of funding Iraqi construction, U.S. officials reportedly said it would be through private investment.

Trump Weighing Troop Deployment for ISIS Fight

Proponents of the option said it would provide U.S. commanders on the ground greater flexibility to quickly respond to unforeseen opportunities and challenges on the battlefield.