Iranian Laborers Need Our Help

Iran champions itself as standing for the "oppressed," but it is in fact one of the world's worst oppressors.

Amazon Workers Protest Company's Off-Time Policies

Amazonians United Sacramento has unified to protest the company's limited off-time policies after a fellow worker was fired for spending one hour more than allowed by off-time policy at the bedside of her dying mother-in-law.

Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Landmark Labor Bill

AB 5 will classify hundreds of independent contractors as employees in San Diego, changing the state's already-hectic gig-based economy, but for workers the battle isn't over.

Proposed Trump Rule Could Cost Americans $1.3 billion

The rule change would make it nearly impossible for those employees to engage in collective bargaining, and could cost them up to $1.3 billion each year, an Economic Policy Institute study found.

Labor Day Weekend Sales 2018

Stores like Best Buy, Dell and Old Navy are just some of the businesses offering Labor Day weekend deals.