Latino Voters for Biden on Horseback in Nevada Go Viral

In one of Adrian Eng-Gastelum's videos, re-posted by Twitter user Rex Chapman, hundreds of Latino voters can be seen riding horses through the streets holding flags in support of Biden and his running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris.

Latinos Are Warming up to Trump

Many politicos are befuddled as to how Latinos could possibly support the president. It's actually fairly simple.

Poll: Only 18 Percent of US Views Socialism Positively

The latest 2020 campaign polls show President Donald Trump commands overwhelming support from Republicans, but overall data shows he hasn't expanded his base, with only four-in-ten voters saying they plan on re-electing him next year.

When Do Latinos Stop Identifying as Latino?

The Pew Research Center shows that Latinos begin to distance themselves from identifying with their ancestry the farther they are from their immigrant roots.

The Fall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The Maricopa County lawman received national attention for rounding up undocumented immigrants and forcing inmates to wear pink underwear.

Clinton Slams Trump in New Ad on Race

Clinton's presidential campaign said the ad would air in the hotly contested states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.