Fox News' Carlson Says Stanford Law Professor Karlan 'Needs a Shrink'

After Stanford law professor Pamela S. Karlan spoke in less than flattering terms about the conduct of President Donald Trump in Wednesday's House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings, Fox News' Tucker Carlson exploded in a rant branding her a "moron" who "needs a shrink."

Acid Attack Suspect Previously Convicted of Holding Hunters Hostage

Clifton A. Blackwell, already accused of an acid attack against a Hispanic man that is being investigated as a hate crime, was previously convicted of false imprisonment when he held a group of hunters at gunpoint when they stumbled across his property.

Lawmaker Proposes Making It Illegal to Medically Change a Child's Gender

Georgia State Rep Ginny Ehrhart announced her sponsorship of the "Vulnerable Child Protection Act" on Wednesday. The bill would make it illegal to "radically change" the gender of a child through surgery or drugs. But critics say that such surgeries aren't happening in Georgia—let alone America.

Texas Lawyer 'DWI Dude' Convicted of Scamming Narcos

Austin lawyer Jamie Balagia, known as "DWI Dude" thanks to his history of defending people charged with drunken driving, was convicted on federal corruption charges for his plan to scam Colombian drug traffickers out of money.

Daughter of Executed Man Asks Court for DNA Testing

April Alley has requested DNA testing in the case of her father, Sedley, who was executed for the 1985 murder of Marine Lance Cpl. Suzanne Collins. Now the courts must decide if the estate can lobby for such testing.