California Governor Abolishes Cash Bail

Money bail penalizes poorer people who either cannot afford to buy their freedom or pay more to front the cash by buying a bond from an insurance company.

China May Soon Lift Child Limit Policy

The decision to amend the policy to just two children, however, may not have gone far enough to replace an aging population and fix gender disparities.

What Law Did Stormy Daniels Allegedly Break?

Daniels was arrested and accused of violating a controversial and conservative-backed Ohio state law called the Community Defense Act, which prohibits adult dancers from touching customers, and vice versa.

The Case Against Impeachment

In an excerpt from his new book, a lawyer, lifelong Democrat and constitutional scholar argues for President Trump's civil liberties, as he would for anyone.

How Two States Split on the Politics of Abortion

On the same day GOP Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa signed the country's most restrictive abortion bill into law, outnumbered Democrats in South Carolina successfully filibustered a very similar proposal.