League of Legends

'League of Legends' Esports Final Schedules

For the past nine weeks, "League of Legends" players in North America, Europe and South Korea have been dueling on Summoner's Rift to see which team of five stands above the rest. Fans have a busy weekend ahead of them with the LCS, LEC and LCK finals happening all over the world.

'League of Legends' 9.5 Patch Notes

The patch notes for "League of Legends" patch 9.5 are here, giving buffs to Rakan, Neeko and more. Make sure you don't miss out on any changes to your favorite champions.

'League of Legends' 9.3 Patch Notes

Stormrazor got a rework, some beloved champions got major nerfs and there's now a loading bar when you load into a game. All this and more in "League of Legends" patch 9.3.