YouTube Star Provokes Angry Reactions After 'Transgender' Claim

YouTube personality Trisha Paytas claims to be transgender while maintaining that she identifies strongly with her birth gender, and many are reacting negatively. This is another in what seems to be a long sequence of controversial videos and claims from Paytas.

Iowa Town Rejects Pride Flag Crosswalk Removal Request

Ames, Iowa is known for its pride flag crosswalks. They say the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration requested they be painted over as a safety hazard. But the town says it has no such jurisdiction to make them do so.

Landmark Transgender Rights Supreme Court Case Explained

Aimee Stephens told her boss she is transgender. Two weeks later her boss fired her because she was no longer going to "represent himself as a man." Here's everything we know about her landmark Supreme Court case.