Lou Dobbs

The latest on Lou Dobbs. A former news anchor and political commentator, Dobbs most recently hosted Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Network, from 2010 until the show was canceled in 2021 amid a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against Dobbs and Fox News for promoting false claims and conspiracy theories against voting machine company Smartmatic. Originally a CNN reporter, Dobbs started with the cable news network in 1980, hosting numerous programs. He left CNN in 2009 and joined Fox News in 2010.

Dobbs Calls John Bolton a 'Turncoat,' Says 'RINOs' Mean to 'Sabotage' GOP

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs called former National Security Adviser John Bolton "more of a turncoat than anyone realized" on his television program Wednesday. Dobbs also said that GOP senators who vote for witnesses during the ongoing impeachment trial are trying to "sabotage the Republican party."