Man Injures 8 with Garden Light, Car During LSD-Fueled Rampage

On Thursday, Betai Koffi, a 32-year-old San Francisco software engineer at YouTube, was arrested by Sonoma County sheriff's deputies after he allegedly punched, choked, stabbed, and rammed a vehicle at friends, strangers, and the authorities after taking 4 doses of LSD.

Scientists Explore How Ketamine Can Treat Depression

The research comes amid a "psychedelic renaissance," in which scientists have investigated whether psychoactive drugs such as MDMA and LSD could be used to treat mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Priest's Home Filled with Drugs and Child Porn

The priest was charged with 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a child, two counts of distributing sexually exploitative material involving children and two counts of drug possession.

Acid Is the New Xanax

Writer Ayelet Waldman was on the verge of suicide until she self-medicated with LSD.