Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump 'Corruption in the Flesh'

Democrat contender condemned the attempt by Trump to hold global summit at his own property and accused his administration of corruption due to its ties with big corporations and tax breaks for the rich.

Agent Put Intruder's Thumb Drive Into His Computer

A U.S. Secret Service agent testified at Yujing Zhang's Monday bond hearing that a fellow agent inserted the potentially "malicious" thumb drive she was carrying into his government computer.

Dems Ratchet Up Probe Into Mar-a-Lago Security Breach

"Whenever it comes to the safety of the president and his family, we ought to do everything that we possibly can," Rep. Elijah Cummings told Newsweek. "And we need to know all the facts."

Ann Coulter Mocks Ivanka Trump China Trademark Approval

"On the upside, Ivanka got three new trademarks approved in China!" Coulter tweeted after news broke about a Chinese woman arrested for sneaking into Mar-a-Lago with two Chinese passports and a thumb drive with malware.