Marijuana legalization

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CBD May or May Not Be Bad for Your Heart but It Is Really Bad for Media

NORML does not base its advocacy of marijuana legalization on the assumption that it is harmless, and they certainly don't claim to be experts on heart disease, so why would the "media" be expecting NORML to respond to a study?

Penn. Governor Supports Legalizing Marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania announced Wednesday that he supports the legalization of marijuana and the expungement of past non-violent marijuana convictions

Anti-Marijuana Group Unveils Lobbyist Tracking Tool

A group opposing the legalization of marijuana across the U.S.—out of fear it will become "the next Big Tobacco"—unveiled an online tool to track industry donations to federal politicians.

California Weed Laws: What the New Regulations Mean

It will put some strain on the individual businesses, but I think it will be better for the consumer," Morgan Fox, a spokesman for the National Cannabis Industry Association, told Newsweek of the new regulations.

Is Canada's Legal Marijuana the New Bitcoin?

"I believe the incredible tailwinds blowing at legal marijuana's back make it so the opportunity here is much like the one internet stocks offered in 1994 … or the one bitcoin offered in 2015."