'My Ex Saw Me On TV. Now We're Married'

Kelly moved to London and I didn't see him at all for the next five years. During that time, I went to university, graduated and landed my dream job working as a TV anchor.

'I Married for the First Time at 60'

We were married at Hampton Court Palace in England—the beautiful palace built by King Henry VIII. We had stretch limousines, guests from around the world and opera singers accompanied by a live chamber orchestra.

'I'm a Secret Engagement Ring Buyer for Clueless Guys'

I spread the word about my service by planting "secret agents" into businesses all over the UK. "Agent S" works in real estate, "Agent P" in publishing, "Agent J" is a barber and "Agent M" is a taxi cab driver.

'My Secret to a Happy Relationship? Live Apart'

A living apart together (LAT) lifestyle can offer commitment, love, intimacy, sex and all the other things many of us want in a romantic relationship, while still giving us room of our own.

We Still Need Dads

Father's Day and Mother's Day still exist as distinct holidays for a very good reason.