Texas Mayor Has Message for Parents After N-Word Video

"I don't care if you make $50,000 a year or $500,000 you are perfectly capable of raising an entitled child who thinks everything that comes out of their mouth is their right to say," the mayor said.

Iowa Mayor Busted for Weed Grow During Manhunt

"When we went to the residence," the Guthrie County deputy's account in the affidavit reads, "I could all smell the overwhelming odor of raw marijuana coming from the residence while we stood outside knocking on the door."

Why Is Rahm Emanuel Not Running for 3rd Mayoral Term?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday he will not seek reelection in February, sparking rumors of poor internal polling despite his insistence the departure was a family decision.

Philippines Mayor Shot and Killed

The second Philippines mayor to die on the second consecutive day this week was shot repeatedly with the use of a short firearm.