When Will Trump's Drug Discount Cards Be Distributed?

While delivering a speech on healthcare in Charlotte, North Carolina, the president discussed his America First Healthcare Agenda and outlined a "historic plan to benefit our great seniors."

Mississippi's Top Doctor Expects 'Absolute Disaster' For COVID-19 In Fall

"Prepare for not being able to get into the hospital if you have a car wreck, [to] have a heart attack and there not be a ventilator to put you on," State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said regarding the impact rising cases could have on the state's hospital system this fall.

Emboldened Dems Push Health Care Expansion Across US

Democratic governors and other state leaders are rolling out massive health care initiatives, boosting public options and touting expansions to former President Barack Obama's 2010 ACA overhaul moving into the new year.

Government Shutdown 2018: Social Security, Medicare

The Social Security Administration issued a contingency plan this month, outlining how it would remain in operation as some federal workers get furloughed and other programs shut down.