Access to Menstrual Products Is a Basic Human Right

Any vote against access to sanitary products is a vote in support of prison staff who dehumanize women in their custody by forcing them to subsist in blood-soiled clothes. Hardly country club activities.

State Rep. Says Free Prison Tampons Like a Country Club

During a hearing on a bill to make free tampons, sanitary pads and menstrual cups a right for Maine's female prisoners, Republican lawmaker Richard Pickett of Dixfield said that risked turning prisons into country clubs.

King of Bollywood's Menstruation Movie

Akshay Kumar's latest movie, 'Padman,' tells the story of a superhero who doesn't wear a cape or have a superpower. It's about the man who launched India's sanitary pad revolution.

The Women Taking On Menstrual Equality

For less than a fancy cup of coffee, you can supply women in your place of business, school and worship with free menstrual supplies.

There Will Be Blood! Get Over It

Women around the world are changing laws, mores and technology to make menstruation safer, cheaper and more a part of everyday life, after centuries of silence.