Mexico Drug Cartels

Top Mexican Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Extradited to U.S.

Guzman was one of the world's most wanted drug kingpins until he was captured in January 2016. Six months earlier, he had broken out of a high-security penitentiary in central Mexico through a mile-long tunnel.

Who Kidnapped 'El Chapo's' Son?

Chapo's son, Alfredo, 29, was among six people abducted by armed men from an upscale eatery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Monday.

El Chapo's Narco Mafia

Fiction has accustomed us to the idea of mafiosi as criminal animals, mostly uneducated. That's never been the case.

Mexican Journalists Under Fire

Journalists in Mexico have long faced violence and intimidation from cartels and corrupt authorities.

Mexico's Last Vigilantes

They beat back the drug cartels, and then the government shut them down.