Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Sorry for Offensive Jokes But Says There Were 'Only Three Cases'

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he was "wrong" to make comments that offended his employees that signed nondisclosure agreements. "I don't remember what they were," Bloomberg said, "but if it bothered them I was wrong and I apologize. I'm sorry for that."

What Is Michael Bloomberg's Net Worth?

Critics say that the same conflicts of interest plaguing the Trump presidency could beset Bloomberg should he fail to disentangle his financial holdings.

Mike Bloomberg Rips Bernie Sanders Over Fidel Castro Remarks

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg tore into Senator Bernie Sanders on Twitter Monday, criticizing comments the senator had made in support of literacy education in Cuba that was introduced by communist leader Fidel Castro.

Warren Opens Town Hall by Reading Release Form from Bloomberg's NDAs

"I thought I would make this easy," said Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at a CNN Town Hall Thursday before she read from a release form she wrote that would free people from nondisclosure agreements they signed with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.