Michael cohen

Is Bill Barr the New Michael Cohen?

Bill Barr's service to Donald Trump look strikingly similar to those of his disgraced longtime fixer, Michale Cohen—except it's now you, the taxpayer, who is footing his bill.

Ex-Trump Associate Sater Accused of Laundering Millions

"Sater not only met with Ilyas Khrapunov in Trump Tower to discuss laundering the stolen funds, but he also personally arranged meetings between Ilyas and Donald J. Trump to discuss possible investments," BTA Bank alleged.

Expert: Cohen Docs Pose Threat of Trump Being Indicted

Nick Akerman, a former federal prosecutor who worked on the Watergate investigation, told Newsweek the documents make it clear a probe by the feds is ongoing and the "prime target" is likely Trump.

64 Percent Think Trump Is a Criminal: Poll

A significant number of U.S. voters think President Trump committed crimes before taking office—and nearly half think he's committed crimes since entering the White House.