Michael Flynn

How Should President Trump Exercise His Pardon Power?

When President Trump reviews the applications for executive clemency currently before him, he will be performing a critical constitutional duty: "To take care that the laws be faithfully executed."

Read Michael Flynn's Statement Following Trump's Pardon

"I am forever grateful to my legal team of warriors – a team that came into our lives during the most difficult time. Ms. Sidney Powell entered the Flynn family's lives like an Angel sent from heaven with the fighting spirit of David, ready to slay Goliath—and she did," wrote Michael Flynn.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Blasts Trump for Flynn Pardon

"It's important to talk about why the President pardoned Flynn," Chairman Jerry Nadler said Wednesday. "We saw it before, in the Roger Stone case—where President Trump granted clemency to protect an individual who might have implicated the President in criminal misconduct."