RNC Chairwoman Says Trump Will Find It Harder To Win Michigan In 2020

"Michigan is going to be competitive, it's going to be harder. You did same-day registration and you have a Democrat governor. It's going to be a more difficult state, but we're up for the challenge and I think we're going to win Michigan," RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told a group in Detroit.

Watch Donald Trump Rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Will be talking about the many exciting things that are happening to our Country, but also the car companies, & others, that are pouring back into Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North & South Carolina & all over!” Trump wrote about the rally on Twitter.

Many Michigan Water Systems Flunk Federal Lead Tests

Almost 30 water providers “registered 90th percentile lead levels” and therefore marked 13 ppb (parts per billion) — that ultimately surpasses the 12 ppb lead threshold set in place last year, according to an MLive-The Flint Journal report.