Middle East

Biden Should Build on the Abraham Accords, Not Roll Them Back

The next U.S. administration should use the historic convergence of interests between Israel and the Arab-majority states to help place the region on a much stronger footing and greatly enhance the U.S.' economic and security interests for the long term.

Trump's Legacy of Peace

By supporting U.S. allies and opposing U.S. foes, Trump empowered the forces of peace and moderation in the Middle East to stop waiting for America, and to defend themselves and build peace together for their peoples.

No Deal Until Qatar Stops Financing Terrorism

While Qatar's ties to Iran might be tolerated, given its geographic realities, its financial support for terrorist organizations and Islamist insurrections cannot be accepted.

A Watershed Moment for the Middle East

The Arab consensus on "Palestine" may soon split, as Arab countries weigh continued rejection of the state of Israel against the realities of life in the Middle East.