Midterm elections

Kyrsten Sinema Invokes Inclusiveness in Victory Speech

Arizona's senator-elect called on lawmakers to follow the example of the late Senator John McCain, recalling his words: "But we have always had so much more in common with each other than in disagreement."

LGBT Representation in Congress Hits Double Digits

"Arizona voters rejected Donald Trump and Mike Pence's politics of bigotry and fear" by electing Kyrsten Sinema to Senate, Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin said.

How To Win In 2020

Suburbia is in play in 2020. Republicans must stop relying on the polarizing tactics of Trump, and Democrats must stop believing that Sanders Leftism is a path to victory.

Midterm Results Won't Impact Trump's China Policy

"What endured the least impact from the midterm results was the China-U.S. relationship as the tough line on China is among topics on which Democrats and Republic[an]s can agree," the editorial said.

Avenatti: Dems Who Fight 'Fire With Fire' Win

Avenatti has long mulled over a run for president, coming out with his first political ad in recent days that urged people to get out and vote in the midterm elections.

Exit Polls: What Are They and Are They Accurate?

Historically, the major TV news networks have received the same exit-polling data. But this year, Americans could see drastically different election coverage, depending on the network.

Trump Is Right on Iran Sanctions

The EU has now undertaken an aggressive campaign to weaken President Trump's sanctions. He will ensure that our allies don't take advantage of us.

Republicans Have Waged a War on Women

Republicans would rather concuss America's brains with a prayer book and see higher abortion rates than solve a problem with contraception.

Trump Now Lies 30 Times Daily: Fact-Checker

"These are not simply the usual exaggerations of a crowd size and so on," David Dale, who is the Washington correspondent for Canada's Toronto Star, said Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources."