Emboldened Dems Push Health Care Expansion Across US

Democratic governors and other state leaders are rolling out massive health care initiatives, boosting public options and touting expansions to former President Barack Obama's 2010 ACA overhaul moving into the new year.

Trump Berates Theresa May in Phone Call

The so-called "special relationship" is increasingly under strain, as Trump reportedly turned May's congratulatory call after the midterm elections into a lecture on his foreign policy concerns.

Were the Midterms White Evangelicals' Last Stand?

Young evangelicals are increasingly disaffected, which could weaken white Christian political power—and a Republican Party that has staked its future on its alliance with the religious right.

Trump Says Economy is Key to Ending White Nationalism

"One of the things that I think can help heal is the success of our country, and we are really successful. We've gone up $11.7 trillion in worth, and China has come down tremendously," Trump said.

Election Night: How to Know if Democrats Will Triumph

While projected to take the House, Democrats are less hopeful about their chances to win the Senate. And without their "blue wave," the party could remain in the minority in both chambers for another two years.