Mike Pence

Pence Says Voters Won't Be Safe if Biden Wins After AZ Police Endorse Trump

The Trump campaign accepted the endorsement of a major law enforcement group in a key battleground state on Tuesday—the latest in an effort to paint President Donald Trump as the "law and order" candidate as cops face pushback from more liberal leaders around the country.

Trump Touts 'Tremendous' Progress on COVID-19 Vaccine, Treatments

Multiple treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 are already approaching their final trial phases after their development has been fast-tracked, President Donald Trump announced during an at-times boisterous speech in North Carolina on Monday.

Re-electing Trump Is America Choosing 'Freedom,' Pence Says

"The American people are going to choose freedom on Nov. 3 when they vote to re-elect President Donald Trump," Pence said, adding that the "agenda of the far left" is the one thing that could get in the way between the American people and the president.