General: Trump put U.S. Troops in Very Bad Position

"What [presidents] don't do is politicize the event, and unfortunately, as we saw some of the commentary by the president today, that's exactly what he did," retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling told CNN.

Iran to Launch War Games as U.S. Carrier Enters Gulf

"We pose no threat to any country but if the enemies seek to implement their malicious intentions and attack us we will be absolutely aggressive," the Revolutionary Guards ground forces chief said.

Air Force Member Discharged for HIV Sue Jim Mattis

"It's disgusting that the Trump Administration is sending some men and women in uniform home for the holidays without jobs simply because of their HIV status," said Scott Schoettes, Counsel and HIV Project Director at Lambda Legal.

Trump Decided to Withdraw From Syria a Week Ago

President Donald Trump has announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria, having informed his military officials after a call with the Turkish president regarding an arms deal and a potential offensive against U.S. allies.

France Sends Military Vehicles to Combat 'Yellow Vests'

Security forces were set to send in a dozen VBRGs, which had previously been deployed in Kosovo and the Ivory Coast; each VBTG can carry a 7.62 mm machine gun, a 40 mm grenade launcher and a bulldozer-like blade.