FIRE: Millennials Are Retiring Early by Investing in Turnkey Real Estate

Investing in rent-yielding properties, while helps you diversify your portfolio and paves the way to early retirement, comes at a significant cost. But now, there is one prop-tech company giving you a low-cost entry into the real estate market.

Gen Z Are Destroying Millennials on TikTok

It started with a Gen Z TikTok user saying: "Personally I don't want to be associated with people who still think that Harry Potter movies are a personality trait."

I'm a Baby Boomer, and I'm Fine With 'OK Boomer'

We'll all do a better job of tackling the challenges facing the world together, across generational lines. This Boomer says to his younger compatriots: OK indeed. Let's get to work.

'Entrepreneur' is a Limiting Word. Don't Let it Be

There are all sorts of entrepreneurs. There are people seeking out investors for grandiose ideas meant to change the world. There are entrepreneurs that quit their jobs and struggle to get by for months, maybe years. Then there are entrepreneurs like me, who work a day job, and our entrepreneurial efforts become our night job.

Bill O'Reilly Blasts Millennials at Fleetwood Mac Show

Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly relayed a bizarre tale of his Baby Boomer experience alongside "narcissistic" millennials and their smartphones during Monday night's sold-out Fleetwood Mac concert at Madison Square Garden.