'Entrepreneur' is a Limiting Word. Don't Let it Be

There are all sorts of entrepreneurs. There are people seeking out investors for grandiose ideas meant to change the world. There are entrepreneurs that quit their jobs and struggle to get by for months, maybe years. Then there are entrepreneurs like me, who work a day job, and our entrepreneurial efforts become our night job.

Number Of Witches Rises Dramatically Across U.S.

The practice of witchcraft in the U.S. has rise dramatically over the past few decades, with millennials turning to astrology, tarot cards and Wicca beliefs as they turn away from Christianity and other traditional religions.

Thanks to Millennials, the Divorce Rate Has Gone Down

"Many of my clients tell me there's 'no way' they'd want to settle down anytime before their late 20s or 30s," Tara Griffith, a psychotherapist who works primarily with millennial clients, explained. "Marriage is a conscious choice that they are making and feeling good about."