Mitt Romney

GOP Chair Rips Her Uncle Mitt Romney's Guilty Vote Against Trump

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, niece of Utah Senator Mitt Romney who voted to convict President Donald Trump during Wednesday's impeachment trial, tweeted that "President Trump did nothing wrong and the Republican Party is more united behind him than ever."

Dobbs Calls John Bolton a 'Turncoat,' Says 'RINOs' Mean to 'Sabotage' GOP

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs called former National Security Adviser John Bolton "more of a turncoat than anyone realized" on his television program Wednesday. Dobbs also said that GOP senators who vote for witnesses during the ongoing impeachment trial are trying to "sabotage the Republican party."

Could 'Wine Cave' Haunt Pete Buttigieg's Campaign?

The 'wine cave' episode from the recent Democratic presidential debate conjures up memories of previous campaigns that reveal a candidate seemingly being out of touch with the average American.