Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Media Attacks Muslim American Politicians

"The Democrats' battle against the Republican control of the U.S. Congress, led to an alliance with Political Islamist movements in order to restore their control on government," an article by Saudi-owned Al Arabiya published on Sunday said.

Seb Gorka Slams Plan to Honor Jamal Khashoggi

Sebastian Gorka, who worked as a deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, claimed the murdered Saudi WashPo journalist Jamal Khashoggi was "best friends with Osama Bin Laden."

How Strong Is Saudi Arabia's Military?

With the best-equipped armed forces in the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia is a major player in Middle Eastern affairs. But just how strong is its military?

Trump Has Despots' Backs 'As Long As They Praise Him'

"We do know of course he has openly bragged about how many millions he makes from Saudi Arabia," the California Democrat pointed out. "Is his personal financial interest driving U.S. policy in the gulf?" he asked.

Donald Trump Says Jamal Khashoggi Likely Dead

Trump made his comments Thursday in an interview with The New York Times, admitting that he believes intelligence reports pointing to a top Saudi official are accurate.