Amnesty International Targets Israel and Morocco with Spyware Accusations

When non-profits, backed by millions of dollars from U.S. and U.K. donors, go to war with small countries, those governments often lose their reputations and revenue from foreign investors. Usually, this asymmetric warfare favors the non-profit. Not this time.

Fugitive Priest Extradited To Face Sex Charges

Arthur Perrault, 80, evaded the law for almost three decades in Tangier, Morocco after allegedly committing a "long history of child sex abuse against vulnerable victims." He was extradited and back on American soil as of Friday and formally charged in federal court with criminal aggravated sexual abuse and abusive sexual contact with one boy on federally-protected land.

Who Is Saad Lamjarred? Arabic Singer Charged With Rape

The singer has previously been charged with rape in Paris and New York. A woman in Casablanca also allegedly accused the singer of rape a few years ago, but withdrew the complaint at the urging of family members.