Movie reviews

'Let the Corpses Tan' Movie Review

"Let the Corpses Tan" makes reference-heavy Tarantino movies like "Kill Bill" look downright amateurish in paying tribute to the 70s grindhouse.

'Calling All Earthling' Documentary Review

George Van Tassel's Integratron, subject of new documentary "Calling All Earthlings," was built from alien blueprints to reverse aging, travel through time and produce free energy.

New Netflix Zombie Movie 'Cargo' Review

In new Netflix zombie movie "Cargo," Martin Freeman must find his daughter a new family before his transformation into a flesh-eater is complete.

'Revenge' Electrifies the Rape-Revenge Thriller

"Revenge," the new, gore-soaked movie from French director Coralie Fargeat, finds female power in one of the exploitation genre's darkest corners: the rape-revenge thriller.