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Sarah Paulson Is in Full (Evil) Control in 'Run'

"It's my job as an actor to not judge the character I'm playing, Sarah Paulson told 'Newsweek.' Rather, she hopes to bring the audience along on the journey, "even if they know it's morally questionable or downright criminal."

'Earth at Night in Color' Reveals the Nocturnal Lives of Animals

Until now cameras only allowed a glimpse into the secret nocturnal life of animals, but with next-generation cameras, this new Apple TV+ docuseries, for which Newsweek had a first look video, reveals wildlife at night clear as day for the first time ever.

Will & Grace's Sean Hayes on His New Podcast 'Smartless'

"I have never laughed so hard in my life. Those guys are two of the funniest people and two of the sweetest guys I've ever known," Sean Hayes tells 'Newsweek' about Will Arnett and Jason Bateman. The three host the new podcast 'Smartless.'

Nat Geo's 'The Last Ice' Doc: What's Really at Stake With Global Warming

The total disappearance of the Arctic summer sea ice is forecast for as early as 2040. Newsweek takes an exclusive look at the new National Geographic doc that shows the Indigenous life that's also melting away in the Arctic, and how this pandemic is the loudest wake-up call we have for humanity.
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10 Best TV Shows on Hulu to Thrill and Amuse You

Are you longing for TV shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat? These 10 best TV Shows on Hulu are your perfect fit. Get ready to be thrilled and amused!