Defense Attorney Warns Trump's Legal Woes Not Over

"You have Michael Cohen, who has already pleaded guilty, you have evidence of campaign finance violations, you have investigations into, now, Trump Organization business dealings, insurance fraud, tax fraud, all kinds of fraud which are unrelated to the Russia investigation," Zelin said. "So how does the Mueller report extricate the president from his problems?"

Katrina Pierson: Did Lincoln Have Black Staffers?

Senior advisor for President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign Katrina Pierson rejected criticism about a lack of black staffers in the West Wing by challenging MSNBC's Al Sharpton to name any African-Americans in Abraham Lincoln's administration.

CNN, MSNBC To Air Anti-Nazi Ad

The advertisement doubles as a promotion for the Oscar-nominated documentary short 'A Night at the Garden,' which features archival footage of a 1939 Nazi rally held in New York City.