Former Bush Aide Shocked at Iran Troop Deployment Plan

"We are actually considering escalating with Iran in a war that would further destabilize the region and unleash God knows what in terms of chaos in a very troubled region already," Elise Jordan said.

Morning Joe Host Calls William Barr a 'Dictator's Lawyer'

"That's banana republic stuff! That is North Korea. That is Russia. That is China. What separates us from the rest of the world ... is our respect for the rule of law," former Senator Claire McCaskill said. "And this guy is trampling all over it!"

MSNBC Host Responds to 'Psycho Joe' Trump Rant

MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' panel ridiculed President Donald Trump's series of early Tuesday morning tweets attacking The New York Times, Paul Krugman, the mainstream media and "Morning Psycho."

Former Prosecutor: Trump Behavior 'Eminently Nixonian'

Pointing to Trump's efforts at "shutting down enemies" and "trying to suppress stories," as well as the president's allegations that a so-called "deep state" and the media were aligned against him, Elliot Williams compared the current administration to that of former President Richard Nixon.

Maxine Waters Mocks 'Sycophant' Barr

Representative Maxine Waters said Barr "was chosen to protect the president of the United States and that's exactly what he's doing."

Tucker Carlson Slams Obama For 'Spying' on Trump

"Domestic spying during a presidential campaign did happen and we have a right to know who participated in it, who authorized it and what their motives were," Carlson said after listing instances where he believes the FBI spied on Trump's presidential campaign.