Tucker Carlson Slams Obama For 'Spying' on Trump

"Domestic spying during a presidential campaign did happen and we have a right to know who participated in it, who authorized it and what their motives were," Carlson said after listing instances where he believes the FBI spied on Trump's presidential campaign.

Collusion Evidence Could Exist, Despite Barr

"My focus here is on the other live grenade left over from Barr's letter: his contention that Mueller cleared Trump and his aides of any criminal liability for allegedly conspiring in Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election."

MSNBC Panel Passionately Defends Joe Biden

An impassioned MSNBC panel defended Joe Biden from accusations of inappropriate touching, with guest Claire McCaskill ripping President Donald Trump's multiple divorces and co-host Mika Brzezinski exclaiming, "we're not snowflakes!"

Barr 'Playing With Fire' Over Mueller Report

Attorney General William Barr is a "political hack" who is delaying the inevitable release of the Mueller report to help President Donald Trump, former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman said.

MSNBC Hosts Defend Joe Biden From 'Crazy' Critics

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" hosts both derided Lucy Flores' inappropriate touching accusation against Joe Biden, accusing his "crazy" left-wing critics of trying to force a "Me Too" moment.

Senator Blames Alex Jones, Big Tech in Wake of Suicides

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut condemned Alex Jones and Silicon Valley companies for promulgating false conspiracy theories related to school shootings, after one victim's father and two survivors died in apparent suicides.

Fox Host Says Democrats, MSNBC 'Real Agents of Putin'

"I'll tell you who did end up being an agent of Putin, an agent of Russia in his effort to divide America and to destabilize our democracy, it is all these people who have been pushing this story," Steve Hilton said.

Defense Attorney Warns Trump's Legal Woes Not Over

"You have Michael Cohen, who has already pleaded guilty, you have evidence of campaign finance violations, you have investigations into, now, Trump Organization business dealings, insurance fraud, tax fraud, all kinds of fraud which are unrelated to the Russia investigation," Zelin said. "So how does the Mueller report extricate the president from his problems?"

How to Watch Kirsten Gillibrand Town Hall Discussion

"We're building a campaign that will change who's at the decision-making table, take on powerful interests and restore moral integrity to the White House," Gillibrand said in her launch video.

Katrina Pierson: Did Lincoln Have Black Staffers?

Senior advisor for President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign Katrina Pierson rejected criticism about a lack of black staffers in the West Wing by challenging MSNBC's Al Sharpton to name any African-Americans in Abraham Lincoln's administration.