Kushner Is a 'Massive National Security Risk': Kendzior

"This is something you see in mafia states, where the leader will put his children or relatives into office in order to keep the corruption going, keep the money flowing, not get caught, override prosecution," Sarah Kendzior said.

Cohen's Testimony Was 'Opening Act,' Friend Says

"What everybody knows about Donald Trump and his organization is the slimiest of the slime. It is just the way that they do business," Donny Deutsch, a friend of Michael Cohen's, told MSNBC.

MSNBC Panelists: Was Trump Involved in Gaetz' Tweet?

Ahead of Michael Cohen's congressional testimony before the House Oversight committee on Wednesday, GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz accused Trump's former attorney of having affairs with multiple women.

CNN, MSNBC To Air Anti-Nazi Ad

The advertisement doubles as a promotion for the Oscar-nominated documentary short 'A Night at the Garden,' which features archival footage of a 1939 Nazi rally held in New York City.

Some Americans Angry Over Smaller Tax Refunds

The IRS says refunds have dipped an average 8 percent, or $170, for returns filed through February 1. Approximately 24 percent of those who have filed for 2018 did not receive a refund.

MSNBC Hosts Mock Trump for Investigation Tweets

"This Benghazi investigation, how long did the Benghazi investigation go on? And they literally kept it going until Hillary Clinton's campaign, for four years," Joe Scarborough said.