Hunt A Killer

Sneak Peak at a Murder Mystery Immersive Gaming

"It's more than escapism—it's an opportunity to be the hero of a compelling, high-stakes story." Read our interview with the game creators to explore this unique immersive gaming experience.

White Nationalist Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Oregon Stabbings

Judge Cheryl Albrecht sentenced Jeremy Christian, 38, to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Wednesday, more than three years after he stabbed three men, killing two and injuring another, who had attempted to intervene in his racist tirade against two Black teenagers.

Couple Assures World They're Alive After Newspaper Uses Their Photo

"We are still getting messages from friends, family and followers confirming the news. Many are still believing that we are dead. This is really disturbing. We are now learning that many news agencies are now using our images and trying to contact them all."