'I Am A White Western Woman—I Converted From Christianity To Islam'

I met a man from Brahmin family of Hindus. He was also interested in searching for answers outside of his cultural upbringing. In 2014 I discovered he had already converted to Islam. A year later—in 2015—I finally felt ready to take my declaration of faith and to marry him.

Man Leading COVID-19 Deaths Inquiry Investigated for Islamophobia

Public Health England's decision to ask Trevor Phillips to serve on an inquiry into why coronavirus has impacted BAME communities disproportionally has been called "insensitive" by Muslim groups after his suspension from the Labour Party over Islamophobia allegations.

Ilhan Omar Says She Is 'A Nightmare' for Donald Trump

"This is a president who has come to power because he was very much willing to vilify and demonize immigrants and refugees. He so proudly said we should halt Muslims from entering our country," the progressive congresswoman said.

Life Satisfaction Boosted by a Sense of Oneness

The idea that humans form part of a greater whole—from nature to a divine being— have been explored by a range of religions and philosophical traditions stretching as back to at least the ancient Greeks and Hindus.

NRCC Calls Omar and Tlaib 'Bigots'

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib made history by becoming the first two Muslim women elected to Congress but have been criticized for their remarks on Israel.