Winter Storm Bessie Path: How Much Snow Will the Midwest Get?

As of Tuesday morning, the storm is lurking over the Rocky Mountains. Parts of Montana are expected to receive almost five inches of snow. The storm is expected to move through the Rockies and affect parts of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa, after hitting Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

Climate Change Could Impact Future U.S. Storms

"There is evidence that climate change is increasing these underlying factors, supporting the development of more intense 'bomb cyclones' and nor'easters, packing tropical storm–scale winds and dumping huge amounts of precipitation."

'Gun-toting white supremacist' sentenced for train stop

On Friday, Taylor Wilson, who a year ago was armed with a loaded pistol when he pulled the emergency brake aboard an Amtrak train in southwest Nebraska was sentenced by a federal judge to 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to terrorism and illegal gun charges.